Paris Hilton Accuses Lingerie Firm Of Breach Of Contract

The American hotel heiress Paris Hilton is reportedly pursuing legal action against an Italian lingerie firm over claims that the company breached contract by failing to promote her clothing line.

The heiress is said to have signed a five-year deal with underwear brand Le Bonitas in 2010, in order to launch a Paris Hilton fashion line of lingerie, pyjamas and beachwear. However, Hilton claims that the deal fell through because the firm failed to adequately promote her clothing line in Europe, as had been agreed beforehand in a signed agreement.

In the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan in January 2011, Hilton is alleging that the Italian lingerie company breached contract and therefore owes her a staggering $1.5 million (£937,000) in guaranteed royalties.

Le Bonitas has refuted the allegations made against it by the heiress. According to a report in the New York Post, the firm’s legal advisors are claiming that Hilton ignored prototypes and designs sent to her for approval.

If the company’s management should lose the case, however, they will need to have a sound professional indemnity insurance policy in place to cover the extensive royalties claim Hilton is demanding.

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