Suitable Professional Insurance Options For New Taxi Firms

When setting up a taxi firm, one of the first things you will need to do is insure all of your vehicles properly. Without insurance, your business won’t even get off the ground.

Once all other aspects of your business are set up, but before you even think about picking up customers, you should look into getting fleet insurance. For those not in the know, this is insurance for a number of vehicles in one relatively straightforward policy.

How Large Is Your Fleet?

To start with, your business may need insurance cover for small fleets. This covers between two and twelve vehicles, so is perfect for a newly established business.

Once your business expands, you can then upgrade to a large fleet insurance policy covering upwards of 13 vehicles. To allow your business to grow, it is best to choose an insurer that puts no upper limit on the number of vehicles you can insure.

Benefits Of Fleet Insurance

There are many advantages to taking out fleet insurance, including:

Minimising paperwork, as all vehicles are covered as part of one policy
Comprehensive cover for everything from personal accidents to replacement vehicles
Flexible payment options, provided your insurance broker can find you a great deal


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