When Might Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance Cover Be Useful?

All businesses, no matter how large or small, run the risk of litigation. Your company is especially at risk if you offer advice of any kind to clients, but you could also face legal disputes if you:

• Sell a product that causes injury to a person or damage to property
• Have employees, who could file a lawsuit against you for unfair dismissal, discrimination or any other issue
• Are investigated and pursued by HM Revenue & Customs over your company’s tax affairs

It is a fact that today’s commercial environment is one dominated by litigation, legislation and claims for compensation, so your company needs to be prepared.

Commercial legal expenses is a type of professional insurance policy designed to shield businesses from all the costs of litigation. In many senses, it is an invaluable option, as it offers peace of mind in any legal situation.

What Is Covered?

Most businesses can expect commercial legal expenses cover for:

• Legal expenses and costs (usually up to £100,000, depending on the policy)
• Legal defence
• Employment disputes
• Tax investigation
• Contractual disputes related to the sale of services or goods
• Protection of property
• Bodily injury

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