Rocker Bret Michaels files public liability lawsuit over Tony Awards incident

Bret Michaels, the reality TV star and former lead singer of glam rock band Poison, is reportedly suing the organisers of the Tony Awards over an accident he suffered after performing in 2009.

According to Michaels, he was knocked on the head after leaving the stage at the 2009 Tony Awards. He was struck by moving scenery, which he claims he wasn’t informed would be lowered immediately following his exit. The organisers of the show claimed that he simply “messed up his exit” and was in the wrong place when the scenery was lowered.

At the time of the incident, Michaels said that he wouldn’t sue. However, he has since suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage and believes that it was caused by the Tony Awards incident.

He is now filing a public liability lawsuit against the Tony Awards company and broadcasters CBS for failing to warn him that the scenery would move. Michaels also claims in the lawsuit that the producers of the show “failed and refused” to acknowledge liability for the incident, and also publicly blamed him for what happened.

If Michaels is successful in his claim, the defendants named in the lawsuit will need to rely on their professional insurance to cover the costs of any compensation awarded.

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