Could Nintendo face a product liability lawsuit over 3DS ‘sickness’?

There has been much controversy recently following allegations that the Nintendo 3DS, the games makers brand new 3D handheld console, is making people feel sick and uncomfortable.

According to reports published in The Daily Mail, The Sun and many other publications, a number of first purchasers of the 3DS console have been returning it claiming that the 3-dimensional effect has made them feel ill or uncomfortable.

Nintendo itself, as well as sellers of the console HMV and Game, have rubbished reports that suggest that record numbers of the console have been returned, or that the consoles are harmful to health. However, Nintendo has publicly stated that the 3DS should not be used by children under the age of six, warning that it may harm their vision.

The issue has been hotly defended by fans of the 3DS as well as by many gaming and technology websites, who claim that all games consoles or other platforms will have negative health effects if used for an excessively long time.

It may be the case that the 3DS may have different effects on different people, or that it may take gamers some time to get used to glasses-less 3D gaming, but Nintendo should nonetheless have professional insurance in place in case of a product liability lawsuit.

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