Myspace Sued For Confidential Data Breach

The social networking site Myspace is reportedly facing a lawsuit over accusations that it released user information without consent.

The lawsuit has been filed by New York-based law firms Reese Richman LLP and Milberg LLP. It alleges that Myspace, which is owned by News Corp, has been violating its own terms and conditions by giving out private user data to aggregators. The lawsuit states:

“Myspace knowingly serves as and profits handsomely from being a conduit through which details of the most intimate aspects of its members’ lives, as reflected in their Internet browsing history and otherwise, are transmitted to data aggregators, who package the information into profiles and sell it like any other commodity to advertisers,”

The two law firms claim that the alleged privacy breach is likely to have affected a number of people, so is therefore pushing for the case to be certified as a class action so that these individuals can be represented collectively.

The lawsuit also seeks unspecified damages from Myspace, which will be forced to rely on professional indemnity insurance if it loses the case and is required to pay out compensation to claimants.

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