Landlord’s insurance: what kind of cover to expect

Standard home and contents insurance will not cover the landlords of rental properties; it is simply not sufficient for the often high risks involved in letting a property. This is why landlords insurance exists, as a specialist solution to offer landlords complete peace of mind.

What does it cover?

A standard professional insurance policy for landlords will generally cover:

• Ground rent (up to two years)
• Drain clearance
• Accidental damage to underground cables and service pipes
• Professional fees
• Public authorities
• Removal of debris
• Trace and Access
• Damage by emergency services
• Workmen
• Fire-related costs
• Unauthorised use of utilities
• Costs of alternative accommodation
• Mortgage

What is excluded?

In most standard landlords insurance policies, the following exclusions may apply:

• Damage to glass, sanitary ware or other appliances or equipment caused by something other than lightning, fire or explosion
• Frost damage to plumbing in outbuildings

Of course, what is and what is not covered under landlords insurance all depends on what type of policy you opt for and the company which provides it. You should seek expert advice when choosing a landlords insurance policy to ensure that it covers everything you need it to.

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