The Importance Of Event Insurance For Business Meetings, Seminars And Conferences

Event insurance is often associated with entertainment events such as concerts, gigs, parties, fashion shows and festivals. These events are often expensive to organise and involve a large number of attendees, so the risks that either the event is cancelled, property is damaged or an attendee sustains an injury are ever present.

However, these events are not the only ones for which professional insurance of some kind is essential. Business events such as conferences, seminars and important meetings may also need to be insured. The people who attend these events are likely to be very important to your business, whether they are clients or people who work for you, as is the outcome of the meeting or seminar itself.

Should the event you organise be cancelled, postponed or relocated for any reason (i.e. failure of heating or lighting, damage to property) at your company’s expense, your event insurance will cover the costs. If someone is injured during the event, or their property is damaged in some way, you can again rely on your professional insurance to cover any claims for compensation as well as legal costs.

If you are planning a major business event, professional event insurance is the first thing you should think of.

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