Northern Irish football league brings in compulsory public liability insurance rule

A new rule has been introduced for teams wanting to compete in the Ballymena and Provincial Intermediate and Juniors Leagues which will make public liability insurance a compulsory requirement for entry.

League officials are planning to rubber-stamp the new requirement at the annual general meeting at the end of June. If it is approved, it will mean that all teams and clubs must ensure they meet the minimum insurance criteria.

The aim behind the rule change is to protect both the Northern Irish league and the clubs that play in it from financially crippling compensation payouts and legal fees should any incidents occur on match days. It is also designed to give financial cover to players who have to take time off work should they sustain an injury during a match.

Clubs wanting to enter the Ballymena and Provincial Intermediate and Juniors Leagues must ensure that they have both public liability insurance relating to injuries of club members or spectators, as well as damage to property, and also ‘player-to-player’ insurance.

A large number of businesses and organisations already take out this kind of professional insurance as standard, in order to protect against compensation claims and other legal costs, so it is surprising that the new rule at the league has only recently been proposed.

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