British Airways sued by flight attendant over head injury

A former British Airways flight attendant is pursuing legal action against her employers after she suffered a head injury whilst at work.

According to a report in the London Evening Standard, flight attendant Gail-Ormiston-White was aboard a flight that was delayed at Heathrow in July 2008 when the accident happened. She was in the rear galley of the plane getting water for a passenger when a cabinet door swung open. Despite closing the cabinet door before bending down to clean up a spillage, it swung open again and a heavy ice canister fell onto her head.

In her High Court writ, Ms Ormiston-White says she has been unable to return to work following the incident due to suffering “serious neurological consequences”. The writ also states:

“The double stowing of canisters in the limited space in the galley was against the correct procedure for the stowing of canisters.”

She is seeking damages of between £100,000 and £300,000 from British Airways, which will need to rely on its employers’ liability insurance to cover such a large payment should it lose the case or need to make an out-of-court settlement.

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