Disneyland sued over ‘potentially dangerous’ lead exposure

An environmental group has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the California-based theme park Disneyland.

The lawsuit was filed by the Mateel Environment Justice Foundation following accusations that numerous attractions in the park contain potentially dangerous levels of lead, and that children could exposed to it. The attractions cited in the legal documents include the stained glass windows in Cinderella’s Castle and the brass door knobs in Minnie’s House.

Mateel is now demanding that Disney cover the items or put up more health warnings, in order to protect children visiting the park. The president of the environment group, William Verick, explained:

“We are asking the court to force Disney to take steps that should have been taken when we first told them that children at Disneyland are in danger of illegal lead exposures.”

Disney denies that it has breached signage regulations, but has not commented further on the lawsuit. However, if it is proven that lead levels at Disneyland California are dangerous, the company could face costly fines from regulating bodies as well as further legal action, for which it will need public liability insurance to cover its costs.

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