Carole Caplin Awarded Damages In Daily Mail Libel Case

The lifestyle consultant Carole Caplin, who is known for working with the former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie, has been awarded substantial damages after filing a libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail.

The case centres on an article published in the national newspaper back in September 2010, which was titled ‘Carole’s £1m question: Will she tell all about the Blairs’ sex secrets?’ According to Ms Caplin’s legal representative, the article alleged that she was about to disclose confidential information about her former clients in a book, whilst she says she had no intention of doing so.

It has now been revealed that Ms Caplin has been offered “substantial” damages by Associated Newspapers – which owns the Daily Mail and is likely to have professional indemnity insurance for defamation claims – and that she has accepted.

Outside the High Court recently, Ms Caplin said:

“That I would break the trust that clients have the right to expect from me, for financial reward, is offensive, damaging and wrong.

“I am satisfied that this falsehood, along with others contained in the Mail article, has been formally recognised in the High Court.”

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