Loyd Grossman sauce maker could face lawsuit over contaminated sauce

Premier Foods, the maker of the Loyd Grossman line of cooking sauces, could find itself with a product liability lawsuit on its hands after two people fell ill with botulism after consuming a jar of Loyd Grossman korma sauce.

The incident occurred in Scotland, when two children in the same family fell ill after consuming the sauce. Health Protection Scotland has refused to say where the affect family live, but have said that the jar was bought in a branch of Morrison’s, Co-op or Tesco near their home.

In response to the incident, health officials have recalled 47,000 jars of the TV presenter’s korma sauce. An investigation has also been launched into how the jar was contaminated, and Premier Foods has released a statement saying:

“At this stage, we understand that the incident relates to a single jar of korma sauce. There is no evidence of any broader contamination, no further reports of illness have been notified to the authorities and we have had no consumer complaints of illness related to this product.”

However, there is the chance that the family of the poisoned children could sue Premier Foods for compensation, a situation for which the company may need to rely on its product liability insurance.

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