EA And Nintendo Named In Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Fitness Games

Nintendo and EA Games are amongst many other companies named in a new patent infringement lawsuit filed by Impulse Technologies over wireless exercise equipment.

The industrial wire and cable company is claiming that it patented a pressure sensitive board, complete with accelerometer accessory, back in 1996. It now argues such as EA Sports Active, Wii Fit, UFC Personal Trainer and Dance Revolution all infringe on its patent by using similar technology.

In the case of Nintendo, it is the WiiMote remote control and the Wii Balance Board which infringe on the original 1996 patent according to Impulse Technologies. Nintendo may also have to rely on its professional indemnity insurance to fight another case in addition to this one, as ThinkOptics is suing the firm for infringing on patent rights in creating the WiiMote.

Some industry insiders have expressed surprise that Impulse Technologies has waited for such a long time to file its patent infringement suit, but perhaps it was waiting for more companies to breach the patent in the hope of maximising its potential payout. There are now a considerable number of publishers and developers named in the suit, including THQ, Ubisoft, Majesco, Namco Bandai and Konami as well as Nintendo and EA Games.

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