Eva Longoria’s Las Vegas restaurant sued over diner fall

Actress Eva Longoria, best known for her role on the hit US TV show Desperate Housewives, is reportedly facing a public liability lawsuit after a woman allegedly slipped and injured herself at the Las Vegas restaurant Longoria owns.

According to the lawsuit, which has been filed at L.A. County Superior Court, Luiza Boyadijan claims she visited the Beso restaurant last year as part of birthday celebrations with friends and family. Boyadijan says she stood from her chair but then slipped on the floor, which she insists was “extremely slippery”.

As a result of the accident, Boyadijan claims she suffered major physical injuries including damage to her nervous system. She insists that the owners of Beso had a responsibility to diners to keep the floors in safe condition to walk on.

Boyadijan is reportedly seeking $25,000 in damages over the incident. If Longoria and Beso have public liability insurance in place and Boyadijan wins her case, paying this amount should not be a problem. However, Beso LLC, which owns the Las Vegas restaurant, is known for its financial troubles having filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, so it may struggle to fight the case without insurance.

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