iPhone and iPod battery packs recalled over ‘dangerous’ fault fears

A number of batches of iPhone and iPod battery packs sold by the US retailer Best Buy and manufactured by Mophie have been recalled over fears that they are faulty and could be dangerous to users.

Both parties have issued separate product recall notices on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website warning that as many as 31,000 products in the US may be affected, plus a further 1,000 products in the US.

The problem appears to be overheating, as reported by 14 people in the US so far. In total, four reports have mentioned property damage because of the problem, and three customers have received minor burns.

Mophie have also had a total of 110 complaints that iPod Touch battery case lines were becoming uncomfortably warm, which lead to 44 reports of the product being warped by the heat and 9 of customers suffering burns.

It is not yet known whether any of the owners of the faulty products will be pursuing compensation suits for injury or damage to property, but if they do, both Mophie and Best Buy will have to rely on their product liability insurance policies to cover any damages payments.

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