Horse riding school pays out £37k in compensation after rider fall

A horse riding school in Wales has been ordered to pay out a total of £37,000 in accident compensation to a woman who was injured following a serious horse riding fall.

Ceri Tonkinson was riding at the Cosmeton Country Park back in July 2007 when the incident occurred. Instructor Stephen Davies, from the Penarth Downside Riding School, was riding up behind her but she asked him to wait before overtaking her so that she could settle her horse, which had only recently been broken in. However, Mr Davies carried on and overtook her, causing Ms Tonkinson’s horse to react badly and throw her to the floor.

As a result of the incident, Ms Tonkinson suffered serious injuries, including breaking her pelvis and her back. She sought accident compensation from the riding school, which is likely to have public liability insurance or another type of professional insurance in place for such cases.

A legal team working for Ms Tonkinson were able to argue that the horse riding school was legally responsible for the negligence showed by their employee, and she was duly awarded a total of £37,000 in compensation.

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