Actor Neil Morrissey Wins Libel Compensation From Associated Newspapers

The comedy actor Neil Morrissey has reportedly been awarded a substantial amount in compensation after successfully suing Associated Newspapers for libel.

The case centres on two articles which were published in British tabloid the Daily Mail back in March 2010, in which it was claimed that Morrissey was banned from a bar in France due to drunken and rowdy behaviour.

In one of the articles, it was stated that the owner of a bar near the actor’s holiday home in France had put up a poster behind the bar featuring Morrissey’s picture and the warning “do not serve this man”.

Although the editors of the newspaper later apologised to Morrissey, after he had proved that the allegations were untrue, the actor made the decision to take his case to the High Court.

Morrissey, 49, has now been awarded what has been described as a substantial amount in compensation from Associated Newspapers, which owns the Daily Mail. The organisation will have to use its professional indemnity insurance to pay compensation to Morrissey.

The actor, who is best known for starring in comedy show Men Behaving Badly and for providing the voice to animated character Bob the Builder, is said to be “very pleased” with the outcome of the case.

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