Daily Mail Sued For Defamation By TV Psychic Sally Morgan

The TV psychic Sally Morgan, who was reportedly the former psychic for Princess Diana, is suing the Daily Mail newspaper for defamation.

Morgan is understood to have taken issue with an article published in the newspaper in September 2011 which accused her of being a fraud. The article, which ran under the heading “What a load of crystal balls!”, alleges that Morgan was pretending to have psychic powers to scam vulnerable audiences.

The writers of the article went on to accuse Morgan of wearing a hidden earpiece, through which she received and repeated instructions from members of her team.

In the lawsuit, filed at the High Court recently, Morgan says that the article defamed her reputation as well as causing her substantial distress, embarrassment and hurt. She is seeking £150,000 in damages from the owner of the Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers, which will need to rely on its professional indemnity insurance if the TV psychic wins her case.

Even though at the time the story went out, it was widely reported in many other national newspapers, Morgan has named only Associated Newspapers as a defendant in her lawsuit.

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