Video Game Firm THQ Sued By Adidas Over ‘Contract Breach’

According to the US newspaper The Oregonian, the video game development company THQ is being sued by sports giant Adidas for a reported $10 million over an alleged breach of contract.

It is claimed that Adidas filed the lawsuit after THQ failed to bring a new keep-fit game bearing the sports brand’s name to the market. The game was going to be called MiCoach, an exercise measuring game which was designed to be a rival to products such as Nike+.

In the lawsuit, Adidas claims that THQ informed the company that it could complete the game by the agreed January 2012 deadline. There were a number of lay-offs at the games company, meaning that the development of the MiCoach game was disrupted. Adidas claims that although it was unable to finish the game itself, THQ refused to pass on the app to a different developer.

Adidas is seeking $10.6 million in damages from THQ, which will need to rely on its professional indemnity insurance if the courts find that it did indeed breach its contract. The sports company is also pushing for an injunction against the games maker to prevent it from selling the rights to a title related to the MiCoach idea.

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