Right Place, Wrong Time!

A Broker in Nottingham recalls a home visit where she found herself in hot water. Literally.

“One claim which always sticks in my mind as being hilarious was when we visited the client’s house to collect premiums and renew policies, one of which was his household policy.

“My husband (and business partner) was kindly given a cup of coffee, which he and the other household members placed on the glass coffee table under which a German Shepherd dog was lying.

“Above the sound of the TV could be heard a gentle hissing, which gradually got louder and louder. The valve on the radiator had become loose and suddenly, black water started to shoot to the ceiling.

“The dog was panic stricken and reared up under the coffee table, carrying it and it’s contents across the room. The client dived onto the pipe to try to stem the flow, but couldn’t because the water was hot.

“The room, the furnishings and the occupants of the room were all covered in hot black radiator water. The glass coffee table was shattered and the spilt coffee damaged what the radiator didn’t! Amid the hysteria and eventual laughter, my husband completed a claim form!”

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