Virgin Considering Legal Action Against The Voice

The travel company Virgin Holidays is reportedly considering suing the producers of UK TV show The Voice over a copyright infringement claim.

The company, which is owned by tycoon Richard Branson, is claiming that The Voice’s studio set has a green room for contestants which is named V-ROOM. Virgin Holidays, which has ‘v-room’ lounges for its customers at two airports, believes that this is confusing and breaches its copyright.

A statement for Virgin Holidays was released, which states:

“Virgin Holidays has two v-room leisure lounges at Gatwick and Manchester airports, the former of which has been open for more than four years… They are extremely popular with our customers.

“In the light of this, and the confusion this is causing our customers who are questioning the motives of the BBC in online conversations because they are unsure which property is which, Virgin Holidays is currently exploring whether the use of the term in The Voice represents a copyright infringement and if it is proven to be so, will consider appropriate legal action.”

If Virgin Holidays proceeds with a legal case, the BBC may find itself needing to rely on its professional indemnity insurance.

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