Polaris Industries Sued For Product Liability Over ATV Accident

The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and snowmobile manufacturer Polaris Industries is reportedly facing a product liability lawsuit from a woman who was injured whilst using a Polaris ATV.

Amber Glisson, from the US state of Georgia, is understood to be suing Polaris Industries after she suffered serious injuries after riding a Polaris ATV as a passenger. According to Courthouse News, Ms Glisson claims that her hair became caught in the unguarded rotating drive shaft which controls the ATV’s wheels. She suffered injuries to her scalp, spine, ribs and other body parts as a result of the accident.

Due to her injuries, Ms Glisson claims she has been permanently scarred and disfigured, and has had to spend hundreds of thousands in medical expenses. Claiming that Polaris Industries failed to warn customers and riders of its ATVs about the dangers of the exposed drive shaft under the passenger seat, she is seeking compensation from the company.

Ms Glisson is seeking damages for pain and suffering, negligence, medical expenses, product liability and failure to warn. If Polaris Industries loses the case, it may have to rely on its product liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance to cover Ms Glisson’s costs.

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