5 Steps To Help Reduce Accidents In The Workplace

How Can Businesses Look To Reduce The Chances Of Accidents In The Work Place?

1. Health and Safety

If you run a high risk business, it is important to appoint somebody with knowledge and expertise in this area to manage health and safety

2. Construct a Health and Safety Policy For Your Business

This will inform staff how to act in case of emergencies and other situations that require attention, but also show your commitment to their health and wellbeing.  Be sure that your policy includes taking extra considerations for workers who may be at higher risk of accident. Build Health and Safety training into the induction of new workers, and provide training for current staff.

3. Construct a Risk Assessment

This will help you to identify measures that can control the risks in your workplace.  Be sure to consider all the people who could be harmed, including differences with your workforce, such as those with disabilities or new staff who are unfamiliar with the workplace. Also, think about members of public who could be potentially be harmed by your work.

4. Provide Adequate Facilities For Workers

  • Provide clean toilets and wash basins with soap and towels
  • Provide water facilities
  • Provide a space for workers to rest and eat
  • Ensure there is a reasonable working temperature and suitable lighting and good ventilation
  • Keep floors free of obstruction and provide adequate signage when floors are wet
  • Provide adequate waste bins

5. First Aid

Be sure to have a first aid box in the work place, at the very least, and an appointed first aid member of staff on site, as well as information for other workers about the first aid procedure.

Even with all precautions taken, accidents can still happen, and is why there is a legal requirement to take out Employers’ Liability Insurance.  Our recommendation is to take the necessary Health and Safety measures to secure the health and well being of all workers, and if somebody becomes ill or injured as a result of their work, they could claim compensation.  In cases where a court finds you liable, Employers’ Liability Insurance will cover costs.

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