The Apple Watch – Making Your Business Day More Efficient??

The big question – will the new generation of smart watches distract workers or enhance their productivity?

We take a look at the benefits for people in business:


The Apple Watch allows you to take a discrete look at your watch when notifications come in. Business people in a meeting can take a sneaky look at their watch without having to rustle about in pockets and bags for their phone, or even without openly looking at their phone at risk of appearing disinterested. What is more, the watch will notify you by ‘tapping’ your wrist and avoiding distracting noise notifications, or big vibrations.

Responding To Notifications

Discrete stock responses are available for busy people, which can be made via the watch interface. Also, those people on-the-go can voice respond and send to other Apple devices, or allow the watch to convert voice to text, then send. More saving time for busy people.

Easier Travel

Apple Watch houses the ability to hold your boarding pass for air travel, for easy and quick access at the airport security desk.

Manage Calendar

Notifications from your calendar will pop up on your watch, letting you know the time and location of your next meeting, of which you can also interact with. It even tells you when you should leave and the best route to take if it’s off site. You can also get easy access to your calendar on your watch without having to use your phone – always helpful for a busy diary!

Business Apps

Some examples of business related apps for the Apple Watch include:-


This impressive app allows you to gain insights into your business analytics at a quick glance. This includes sales, service or marketing, offering real-time glances of the most important information.


This allows you to dictate short notes or view information relevant to an upcoming meeting, all on your watch. You can tick off tasks on your check list and search for information by voice.


Particularly useful if you’re on-the-go at work – this app uses location information to track the time you spend on certain jobs – brilliant if you’re looking to become more time efficient. It also allows you to create instant invoices and receive payment notifications.

Aside from the business benefits, Apple Watch has a focus on the health and fitness of the individual. Here, it pays particular attention to those sat down for large parts of the day, by gently reminding the user every hour, with a slight ‘tap’ to the wrist. How often do you find hours pass by before you realise you haven’t moved from your desk?

Maybe it’s “time” for you to take a closer look at the new Apple Watch?

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