Public Liability Insurance For Trades

John Heath public liability insurance for tradesCausing an injury to a member of the public, or damaging property at a client’s premises is the last thing any tradesman intends. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Having the right public liability insurance in place is the only sure way to avoid costly legal fees and compensation claims.

Builders, painters and decorators, scaffolders, roofers, plumbers and electricians are the most obvious trades that benefit from comprehensive public liability insurance. They are in and around client properties daily, often taking complex and potentially dangerous equipment onsite.

In most cases, there will be clients and their staff in or near the buildings, and in some situations members of the public will be nearby. The potential for accidents means that health and safety issues should be considered at all times, with appropriate insurance cover in place should the unexpected happen.

John Heath Insurance Brokers has acted on behalf of trades for over forty years, identifying the specific requirements and scanning the insurance market to find the best insurance product. No stress, no confusion, just a professional service that gives peace of mind.

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

Anyone undertaking a contract to work on someone else’s property, or working near the public, should consider taking out a policy.

Most trades people will question whether they need to add an additional cost to the list of monthly expenses. While some products or services might be seen as “nice to haves”, public liability insurance is a “must have” that allows a trader to work onsite with confidence.

Another consideration is whether a client expects a tradesmen to hold a policy. Councils and local government departments usually require contractors to have public liability insurance, often to cover specific sums – up to £5m, for example. Without the right cover in place, even getting to the tender stage could be impossible.

Having insurance in place develops trust. It shows a client a level of professionalism and that the trades involved have properly considered their responsibilities.

The worse-case scenario could see a trades person fined, forced to pay compensation and have to spend valuable time completing paperwork, taking advice and attending court. The result: the business suffers, and unnecessary stress will have been caused for all parties.

Making sure you are properly covered doesn’t need to be complicated. John Heath cuts through the noise and uses the UK’s top insurers to obtain quick and competitive public liability quotes.

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