Building Long-Term Business Partnerships

Who is the best firm of insurance brokers, do they listen and can we trust them? Just a few things your business will ask when it looks to get advice and comprehensive insurance cover. John Heath believes a great starting point is developing professional trust.

We are a family-run insurance business with decades of experience. The Internet has enabled firms across the country to offer a wide variety of products at the click of the button. We can do that, but nothing beats the personal touch. Developing long-term business relationships builds confidence.

From the first meeting, a handshake and getting to know each other, to follow-up meetings, visiting commercial premises, enjoying a coffee and introductions to business partners and staff. Then the advice, agreement and paperwork – no matter how long it takes, it has to be right for your company.

John Heath advisers do all that as standard. It’s all about developing trust and knowing that your organisation is in safe hands.

Ever Changing Insurance Products

Look at websites and read industry brochures and it’s a daunting task picking through policies, clauses and disclaimers. The insurance market is vast and checking cover to accommodate every eventuality can be an arduous task.

With regular technological advances, the need to cater for increasingly complex machinery, busier work spaces, and the upgrades to factory and office equipment is seemingly never ending.

Sometimes it takes a friendly voice over the phone to clarify some of the more technical details. And if a call doesn’t give all the answers, sitting down with an experienced advisor is sure to put your mind at rest. Getting tips and advice from someone who has handled countless insurance queries is often the best route to helping you map out exactly what your business needs.

Ongoing Client Relationships

Your business will change over time, and that means your insurance and liability requirements will alter too. With a trusted partner in place, you can rely on honest appraisals of what your company needs – from someone who truly understands you and your people.

Meeting, listening and then offering the best insurance advice is common sense, but maintaining such core values is something that really matters to us. Insurance clients need to know that they can trust us to offer the right policies so that you focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Providing a quick insurance fix for a customer is easy. But missing out on the opportunity to develop strong bonds with their business adds little value for them or us in the longer term.

So John Heath works hard to give all clients what they want, how they want it, and when they need it. When you talk with our clients, we hope that’s exactly what you’ll hear.

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