Do Computer Specialists Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Computer specialists offer vital IT services that many people find baffling. How they advise clients, handle data and access information could affect their reputation and lead to claims being made against them…

No professional aims to give poor advice or damage a client’s reputation. That would be madness, and sure to cause harm to all parties concerned. But can you guarantee that your actions, or those of people who work with you on collaborative projects, are always going to be 100% correct?

Everyone make mistakes, and while putting things right as quickly as possible is to be applauded, sometimes that is not enough for clients. They might make claims against you because the IT services you provided caused them financial harm or affected their standing amongst their own customers.

Indemnity Insurance For Computer Programmers

John Heath Insurance has sourced computer programmers insurance for many years. We understand the IT industry and ensure that you get the right policies to meet your insurance requirements.

Sometimes, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How would you respond to a client who alleged that the programming code you delivered was negligent and ultimately caused a financial loss to their business?

Would you know how to respond? If the client then threatened to escalate matters to legal proceedings would you have the time and resources to defend yourself?

Thankfully, you can protect yourself and your business from such problems. A comprehensive computer programmer’s professional indemnity insurance policy should be in place before you take on projects.

What Cover Does Professional Indemnity Offer?

Professional Indemnity insurance for software developers and other IT specialists offers protection against the cost of compensation payments to clients should your service cause them to lose money.

Often, as with many other professions, having appropriate indemnity insurance in place is sometimes a contractual requirement for computer specialists. The best advice is to check work agreements and contracts thoroughly before giving IT advice or completing any programming.

In recent years there has been pressure on organisations to upgrade systems and get new services online quickly. This has seen programmers, developers and analysts contracted to complete the projects.

Unfortunately, some agreements have ended in dispute and litigation between the IT providers and their clients because of project failures or shortfalls.

Where a client believes that there has been a breach of contract, you need to have the correct Professional Indemnity in place to offer you peace of mind. That’s where we can help, getting the most appropriate insurance cover based on the type of technical work you engage in.

If you have any further questions about PI or you’d like some advice about taking out cover, you can get a quote online or alternatively, call the John Heath team.

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