Professional Indemnity Insurance For Engineers

Engineers like countless other professions are at risk of claims being made against them if they make serious errors while working for clients.

Completing highly technical contracts under pressure is bread and butter to most engineers. Each project is likely to push boundaries and involve complicated planning, preparation and delivery.

That’s what they have trained for, and working under stress is part and parcel of the job. Clients are increasingly demanding, and they want results today!

Things don’t always go smoothly. With tight deadlines come errors. Even the most dedicated and experienced engineers can slip up, meaning poor advice can be given or technical mistakes made that invariably have knock-on effects.

That is likely to cost financially – and someone has to pay!

Specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance for engineering experts provides the  cover required to deal with legal fees, court costs and compensation claims.

Wide Range Of Engineering Disciplines Covered

Engineering is a vast and wide-ranging industry, with professionals covering an incredible variety of roles that help keep the country running efficiently.

They all need to be comprehensively covered to ensure that any errors made can be properly dealt with. It could be an innocent mistake, but that mistake could impact on a client’s reputation, delay projects or cause additional, unplanned costs resulting in you being sued for damages.

Professional indemnity insurance enables engineers to carry on work with confidence. Whether that’s civil engineers working on vast road infrastructure contracts, heating engineers, electrical contractors or CAD and design engineers.

It could also involve engineering in the energy sector, such as oil and gas specialists out on rigs at sea, or engineers installing wind turbines for the emerging green and renewable energy sector. With such enormous installations, making critical errors at any stage of a project could cost millions of pounds.

Bespoke Insurance To Suit You

There should never be a one cap fits all approach to professional indemnity insurance. For a highly skilled sector like engineering, where consultants get involved in some of the most complex global projects, it’s vital to make sure that you arrange the correct cover.

In many cases, being registered with a professional engineering body will require you to take appropriate and adequate PI.

Make sure you fully understand all implications, from how professional indemnity cover can provide the back-up and peace of mind required, to allowing you to get on with your job…

If you have any further questions about PI or you’d like some advice about taking out insurance cover, you can get a quote online or alternatively, call the John Heath team.

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