Professional Indemnity Insurance for Website Designers

Website designers create a window to the world. Quick, responsive and exciting online services make clients smile, but professional indemnity offers protection should errors get uploaded.

As an IT professional with valued skills, your work on websites enables customers to showcase products, distribute information and build their brand. It’s a digital asset, and often the first point of contact for anyone seeking news about products and services offered by the business.

Websites must be right – every time. Otherwise, they convey incorrect details to each and every visitor to the site. To a busy business with a strong Internet presence, that could mean a lot of potential customers going elsewhere without buying a product.

You might excel at what you do, the code you produce and the graphics you create for a client’s web pages might be outstanding, but there is no hiding place – your output is seen by the whole world!

Cover Against Failed Websites

The right Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) covers you for any mistakes you make that ultimately cost your clients money – whether it’s your fault or not. Being insured is imperative for all web professionals who give advice or offer their technical services to other businesses.

This kind of insurance is essential for freelancers and contractors who complete online contracts. You are trusted to update, refresh and monitor websites. The working relationship is healthy while you make improvements, but claims could be made against you if actions you take cause your client reputation or financial harm.

It’s a tough environment. Sometimes there are limited options to work offline, or to complete tests away from the ‘live’ website. You are forced to work under pressure while your client’s business continues trading.

Having comprehensive professional indemnity insurance gives you and your clients peace of mind, and it offers you protection should anything go wrong.

If you have any further questions about PI or you’d like some advice about taking out insurance cover, you can get a quote online or alternatively, call the John Heath team.

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