Training Consultants Using Professional Indemnity Insurance

Most professions carry risk of some form, and training consultants are no different. Professional Indemnity Insurance can help to protect you should clients makes claims against you.

Thinking that financial claims could be made against you seems very negative. It’s just the reality in business today. A client will quite rightly want to recover costs and seek compensation if a service has caused their business to lose money.

You’d do the same, wouldn’t you?

It sounds very cut-throat, but when you deliver training for a customer it must be 100% right. If your actions or advice lead a client’s employees to make mistakes because of the information given by you, well, they will want financial redress.

Training consultants offer a valuable range of services that businesses need. Having external companies give tailored training makes sense to them. You can offer a different perspective, fresh ideas and the latest industry thinking.

You might give structured advice on how to develop a career. You could help to shape a company’s short and long-term training schedules to make sure their staff take on the right skills to move their business to the next level.

But what if someone alleges that during a training course that you delivered the content did not produce the expected outcome for attendees. Basically, your material was not good enough and didn’t do what you claimed it would – according to them!

Occasionally, you could be on the wrong end of an accusation. Right or wrong, someone attending one of your training courses could allege that you made slanderous remarks and offended them or damaged their reputation.

Guess what? They could take legal action against you. Harsh, but it happens even when you feel that you have done nothing wrong.

Protect Against Claims With Professional Indemnity Cover

Whatever training you offer there will be risks.

If your course content causes attendees to perform incorrect actions in the work place, and then repeat those mistakes, this will cause the business a range of problems.

Crucially, it will almost certainly cost money to put right.

The next call you get could be to inform you that a claim is being made. That could involve precious resources to prepare a response, time in court, lost business and compensation pay-outs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance can help consultants deliver training knowing that they have back-up if things go wrong.

It can cover the cost of defending yourself against allegations of professional negligence.

The right Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) covers you for any mistakes you make during the course of your work.

Make sure that you have comprehensive cover in place. It will give you and your clients peace of mind. If anything should go wrong, it’s there to help you and your business.

Need more information?

If you have any further questions about professional indemnity or you’d like some advice about taking out insurance cover, you can get a quote online or alternatively, call the John Heath team.

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