Professional Indemnity Insurance For Writers

Copywriters provide engaging and complex passages of writing that delight clients and readers alike. But get the content wrong or misquote someone and claims could be made against writers.

But do writers need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Like so many professions, writers give businesses a service that they might not be able to source from within their own ranks. Producing content for a company’s website, monthly blogs or promotional literature might be required on an ad-hoc basis.

Freelance copywriters are engaged to meet the written requirements that businesses need.

The content could be of a very technical nature, with specific references to specialist information – such as medical issues, financial matters or security data. In all cases, those blocks of text must be correct. There is no margin for error. This means that writers need to be faultless, confident that the copy they supply is not only accurate but authentic and free of unintentional mistakes.

Professional Indemnity Insurance offers writers cover for any legal costs and expenses that might be incurred in court, plus damages or costs that could be awarded should a client allege that you have supplied written services that have caused them to lose money.

Why Do Writers Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The words you craft could make people smile, intrigue others, raise questions or even offend. Copywriters need professional indemnity insurance to guard against the latter, and to protect them if they inadvertently supply inaccurate or misleading copy.

For writers there are also benefits from having comprehensive insurance in place. When applying for work, or tendering for contracts alongside other writers, being able to show that professional indemnity insurance  is in place could help to secure work. Any contractor that takes out such cover is likely to be seen as thorough and professional, potentially elevating themselves above the competition.

You could face claims relating to libel, slander or defamation and even breach of intellectual property rights.  A professional indemnity policy can cover you against each of these types of claims.

Are Writers Liable For Their Content?

If you are a writer, it is essential that you check any contracts that are put in place when you agree work with a client. They may insist on clauses that make you 100% liable for any content that you create.

Whether you negotiate the terms of each contract or choose to accept full liability for the work you produce it is an important decision to make. Having Professional Indemnity Insurance will help you complete projects with increased confidence, knowing that you have the necessary legal back-up should it be needed. If you need more information about how John Heath Insurance can help to provide copywriters with the right levels of cover, we are here to help.

If you have any further questions about professional indemnity insurance you can get a quote online.

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