Professional indemnity aggregate or any one claim basis

When arranging your Professional Indemnity Insurance it is important to understand that there are two fundamental ways in which the cover can be arranged. This can be crucial when you are faced with a large or multiple claims.

The two ways of arranging the cover are; Aggregate basis and Any One Claim basis.  As you can see from the diagrams below, with Aggregate basis your claims are all paid out of the indemnity limit whereas with Any one Claim you are entitled to the full indemnity limit for each and every claim. There is an updated version of this article which you can read here.

Aggregate Claims Basis Aggregate
Each claim is paid out of the specified Indemnity limit and reduces the amount available for subsequent claims.
Any One Claim Basis Any One Claim
Every single claim you make during the insurance year is entitled to the FULL indemnity limit.

If you have a number of claims in a year, the Aggregate basis could mean that you run out of cover or that you do not have enough cover left in order to meet a claim in full. However, with the Any one Claim basis you do not have this issue as all claims would be met up to the indemnity limit.

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