Fleet Insurance – A Time And Money Saver

Nowadays, all businesses in operation of a fleet of vehicles have some level of insurance in place to ensure that they comply with UK automotive law. Taking out these policies for each fleet vehicle generally involves painstaking administration and high costs, but there is a time and money saving solution available.

Fleet insurance provides business owners with innumerable benefits, all in one easy-to-manage package. As a professional insurance product, it offers:

• Cover for all types of vehicles (cars, goods carriers, motorbikes, special category vehicles) in one single policy, drastically cutting down on paperwork, time and costs.
• Tailored policies for smaller fleets (3 and 12 vehicle) and large fleets (13 vehicles or more). There is generally no upper limit to the number of vehicles you can add.
• Cover for personal injuries, accidents and medical expenses
• Breakdown cover for all fleet vehicles
• ‘Duty of Care’ cover for employees driving vehicles on company business
• Replacement vehicles

Most fleet-running organisations can’t afford to be without this sort of comprehensive insurance cover; it makes excellent business sense. Fleet insurance ensures you comply with the law but more than that, it offers you valuable benefits to help take your business forward.

For further information in regards to our fleet insurance product, please contact a member of our team.

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