Boston Bomb

Boston Bomb Boosts Business Interruption Losses

The devastating effects of the Boston Bombs, detonated on the 15th April 2013, will surely remain in our minds for ever. No-one can fail to have been moved to despair at the sight of the attendant crowds running for their lives and the subsequent horror of the aftermath. Our thoughts are with the families of …

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Private Investigator Taking Photograph

FSA To Probe Insurers Use Of Private Investigators

A review is being conducted by the Financial Services Authority into the use of Private Investigators by UK Insurance companies. The regulator is concerned about the “potential for poor practice”. There are two main areas of concern: the use of private investigators as a tactical tool to drive reductions in valid claim payments private investigators …

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Crossword Stating Crime And Fraud

Insurance Fraud Increase

Insurance fraud has increased by more than 600% between 2006 and 2012, Experian has found. Fraudulent claims submitted in 2012 showed an increase of 7% since 2011 but compared to 2006 they were up by a massive 600%. Out of every 10,000 claims and insurance applications submitted, 12 are now fraudulent. The increase in 2012 …

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Car Crash

The ‘Cash For Crash’ And ‘Rear-End Bump’ Scam

Rear end bumps account for one in four of all road accidents and the proportion is increasing year-on-year, according to recent statistics. The cost of whiplash, the most common injury in rear-end shunts, was estimated to be £1.9 billion in 2010 in the UK and accounted for 75% of all road accident injury claims. Insurers …

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THAW Extract

Post-Thaw – Check Once More!

Following on from the recent excellent Loss Prevention Guide from Ageas, comes their guide to property protection as the ice and snow begins to finally melt away. You can download the THAW 2013 document (pdf) or read the small extract below.

Businessman Pressing On Claims Button

Did You Know About Our In-House Claims Service?

When things go wrong, and you need to make a claim, you can rest assured that we will provide the professional support you need at a time you need it most. We have been dealing with insurance claims since 1975 on behalf of our clients and have a vast knowledge in dealing with such matters …

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Claims On Ring Binder

Metal Thefts Cause A 2500% Rise In Claims Costs

Damage caused by thieves stealing metal costs almost 20% of a property’s total value, says Zurich A surge in metal theft, mainly from empty properties, has lead to a 2500% increase in the cost of these types of insurance claims since 2004, Zurich has found. Zurich is one of the largest UK property Insurers and …

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Fraud Alert Caution On Laptop

ABI Launches Insurance Fraud Register (IFR) To Combat Fraudulent Claims

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has launched a new initiative to help combat the rising number of fraudulent and exaggerated insurance claims.  Called the ‘Insurance Fraud Register‘ it comprises of a database to hold the details of all known fraudsters. It will be operated by the Insurance Fraud Bureau. An ABI report in 2011 …

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Flood In Apartment

Right Place, Wrong Time!

A Broker in Nottingham recalls a home visit where she found herself in hot water. Literally. “One claim which always sticks in my mind as being hilarious was when we visited the client’s house to collect premiums and renew policies, one of which was his household policy. “My husband (and business partner) was kindly given …

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